I was doing rather well after your treatments and got back into running .. Rajiv

I was doing rather well after your treatments and got back into running. Unfortunately, I sprained my ankle earlier this year while running and it has been giving me trouble since then. The pain has taken turn for worse since last two months, where I am having trouble walking. – Rajiv, 2013

Nipa's treatment healed my son on many levels .. Vicky Morgantie

My son (12 at the time) had bad Eczema, we tried many alternative treatments and traditional medicine but nothing worked, my GP even suggested keeping him in hospital for a while to try and get it under control. He was also a bit depressed and I was very worried about him. I took him to see Nipa and very soon we began to see an improvement in his skin and he became a much happier and more settled child. Now two years on he has beautiful skin and is so much more confident and happy. He also has a lovely relationship with his father now where before he saw Nipa he didn’t like him at all and avoided spending any time with him. Nipa’s treatment healed him on many levels and not just the symptoms we went there with. My son felt a huge load had been lifted and is noticeably so much more at peace within himself. Whilst the treatment was wonderful for him, he also felt a special bond with Nipa and that she had had truly seen, understood and accepted him in a way that no one else had before. – Vicky Morgantie

It has been nearly a year now and I have not had a single migraine .. Vicky Morgantie

After seeing how much Nipa had helped my son, I went to see if she could help with my migraines which I suffered from regularly and found very debilitating. After a few treatments I wasn’t sure anything had changed but then a month went by without a migraine, and then another and another. One day I got a mild headache and thought ‘he we go’ but it never became a migraine and then just went away! That was the first headache I’d had in nearly 8 years that just went away without even a paracetamol! I was amazed. It has been nearly a year now and I have not had a single migraine since seeing Nipa. Having seen how much Nipa has helped myself and friends and family, I could not recommend her highly enough. Whatever treatments you have tried, see Nipa, I am yet to hear from anyone young or old who has not improved or been completely healed after her treatments – Vicky Morgantie

I am feeling having overall recovered and with full positive energy - Ashok Tandon

First of all my sincere thanks to you for the time and efforts put in by you in curing me from the backache (lumber spondilysis) in just 5 sittings.  I had suffered 2 disc slips in May 2010

Infact, I still recall the time, when I first visited you in mid July 2010.  I was wearing a belt to support my back and with very difficulty I even climed the stairs of your house.  The sitting lasted for about 1 hour and I was really amazed with  the results as while going back I was feeling relieved and relaxed.  By next morning the pain again resurfaced but not to the extent it was when I first visited you.  After the 2nd sitting the results were more astonishing.  I was totally cured by the 3rd sitting.  

During the 4th sitting you conducted the complete body analysis with a system SCIO which not only did physical analysis by mental and spritual analysis and even I (though I hardly believe in such systems) was very amazed to see the results particular about the points like JUDGEMENT,  ACIDITY, STRESS, WATER RENTENTION, DEWARMING and on self thinking I could make out that the facts are correct and the problem of backache for which I had come was the starting point but these problems were there which I did not tell you as I thought to solve the main problem of pain in back.

When I attended the 5th sitting, infact I was fully cured before that,  and attended this session after about 20 days,  as inbetween I had gone to Kerala on holidays and there also the health was perfectly OK and I enjoyed the holidays with my family.

In my case since the position was very bad when I was referred to you by Mr Sameer Bahadur and Mr.Mukesh Diwan who also took treatement from you previously, and these people time and again asked me to meet you as you have some laser/scanner treatment.

Madam, I am really impressed not only with the treatment, but the way you talk to the patients and I am sure such type of treatments should be popularised as the results are extremely wonderful.

Once again thanks for the treatment given to me and the results of the treatment in such  a short span.  With the treatment I am feeling having overall recovered and with full positive energy and now I even do not feel any tiredness and am working for almost 8 to 10 hrs in office without any pain – Ashok Tandon

After 2 session, I walked for almost one hour. I felt no pain, since than I dont feel any pain - Mukesh Diwan

My Dear Doc. Nipa,

I am pleased to inform you about me and one of my trainee(Jitendra yadav) (cricket player), He was suffering from knee injury and he had been taking treatment(physiography) for the last almost one year before he came to you, he took three session with you and fully fit now.

Me was suffering from groin injury i was really in pain , whenever i try to run  i use to have very sharp pain and it lasted for a week, after taking 1st session with you (treatment) i ran for 15 minuets  but i felt pain which lasted for one hour ,that was indication of improvement, and when i had 2nd session with you after 2 session i went for walk , i walked for almost one hour i felt no pain.since than i don feel any one session still remain. Special thanks doc ! – Mukesh Diwan, Sales Manager

After a few sessions of Kinesiology, I realised I had had no migraines - Janet

This is a typical case, which emphasises, how HK deals with many symptoms.

Having had traceaitis at least twice a year for the past few years, when I was unable to socialise for six weeks at a time because of uncontrollable caughing and having gained no relief through the medical profession, I was recommended to Nipa Das . With my history I was quite sceptical of the help Nipa could give me.

At the time I also had migraine at least twice a month and also took antihistamine tablet every day for various allergies.

After a few sessions of Kinesiology from September, I realised I had had no migraines and also I no longer needed antihistamines. Although I began a cough at the end of October it did not become tracheaitis which is what would normally happen and I feel generally fitter and calmer – Janet

Its been almost 1 year now since you treated me and pain is gone - Ranveer Singh

Dear Nipa,

This is to thank you for all the help provided by you. Its been almost 1 year now since you treated me and pain is gone. I can still recall the horror of my back ache and worst when it would make my leg go numb. I dont think I have words enough to thank you!!! – Ranveer Singh

Thanks, for the wonderful experience that you led me through six day session - Udayan Mitter

Hi Doc,
Thanks, for the wonderful experience that you led me through during the course of the six day session of 30-45 min. each per day for the treatment of my many illnesses with Scalar Wave Soft/Cold Laser using the cold laser technology combined with quantum rejuvenation technology.
To sum up,from head to toe after the treatment my report card would read as follows:-
1.HEADACHE:- The severe chronic headaches which I have been long suffering from are now considerably contained. During the last two weeks since the sessions I have not popped a single pain killer.
2.SINUS AND BLOCKED NOSE:-Great relief. No more midnight wakeups for nasal drops!
3.LEFT SHOULDER STRAINED LIGAMENT:-Persisting pain of almost one year is completely cured.
4.INDIGESTION,HEART BURNS, ACIDITY:-Good bye, even after two hearty consecutive dinners!
5.BRONCHIAL ASTHMA:- Contained. Severity of attacks considerably reduced.
6.MUSCULAR CRAMPS:-This is one problem though reduced still persists causing discomfort.
Well from above it would not require a Sherlock Holmes to deduce that I am a much happier person today. Moreover the no pill popping, no needle pricking and no worrying from fear of side effects, treatment has made this experience amazing.

Thanking you once again
Udayan Mitter